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Schedule & publish video posts directly to social media using our Social Media Planner
Schedule & publish video posts directly to social media using our Social Media Planner

With Promo Social Media Planner you can easily schedule your videos to your social media accounts

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Get on top of your social media marketing by planning ahead. Create a video and post to be sent at a later date and time. Then sit back, and let post your videos to your social media for you. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, YouTube or LinkedIn, schedule your posts from one place with You can create, edit, schedule, publish and manage your scheduled posts directly from your Promo account using our Social Media Planner.

This tool will allow you to schedule your social media posts to multiple platforms at different times to get the maximum reach. Gain visibility into upcoming posts. Plan ahead, and save time. For example, you can create a video & post today, and have it sent tomorrow morning, next week or next month.

Want to try this out? Great! :) There are a few ways to schedule your awesome videos. For a 'video first' approach, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Find the video you want to post in your Published videos tab.

2. Scroll to the video you want to post, and click “Republish.” You will be redirected to Publish Page.

3. Now that you have selected the video you want to schedule to social media, click on the “Schedule or publish a social post” button from the right side.

Note: for best practices, you can use an video aspect ratio that is optimized for a particular social media platform. Learn more here: How To Choose The Best Aspect Ratio For A Particular Social Media

4. The next step is to select which social media account you want to post your video to. If you have already connected a social media account, select one you want to post to. You can add more later.

If you do not have any social media pages connected to your Promo account, you will be asked to connect a social media account. These articles can help: Facebook, Instagram, (X, formerly Twitter), LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.

5. Great! Now you have selected your video to post, and selected which social media account to post to. Next, you can add a text description to your post. On the right hand side of the screen, you will see a preview of how the video will look on the social media platform you chose.

Because each social media platform has its own rules, if you are posting to YouTube, you will need a title, tags and a privacy settings.

6. Now we have a video, a social media platform, and text for your post. Next, decide when you would like to publish your video post. You can chose 'immediately', or 'schedule post for later'. If you chose 'schedule post for later', you will have to chose a date and time that is in the future.

7. Ready? Next, click on the “Publish” button on the right upper corner of the page. This will take you to the 'Publish Review' page where you can have one last look before you post.

8. Have a look at your post(s) in the 'Publish Review' page. You can see the aspect ratio (like 16:9 for widescreen, 1:1 for square), the social media account you will post to, and the action that will take place ('ready to schedule'.) Errors or problems like missing text will be indicated here.

If you would like to make some changes click 'Back to Edit'.

If you are ready to schedule, click 'Publish Posts'.

9. After you click Publish Posts, your video posts will be scheduled, and you will be taken to a Post Summary screen. The Post Summary screen indicates the status and upcoming date and time of your published posts. If there have been errors trying to schedule a post, you will see them here. If your post has been scheduled successfully, you will the status indicated as 'Scheduled' along with a green checkmark. Hooray! Your post will be published to the platform you selected on the date and time you chose.

To see your upcoming scheduled posts, click on the View Planner button on the top right of your screen. You will be redirected to your Social Media Planner Page

Your scheduled posts will appear on the dates you selected.

10. On your Planner page you can see and manage all posts that you scheduled via your Promo account. If you click on the scheduled post, a pop-up window will appear where you can change the date and time you want it to be published, edit your post, or delete it before it is published.

Note: In case you do not see your video posted on your social media page for some time, please refresh the page and it should appear on your account.

Multiple posts

Posting the same or similar content to multiple social media accounts can be helpful for broadening marketing reach and exposure. With you can easily schedule one video to be posted on multiple social media accounts. You have maximum flexibility - publish to one platform now, schedule to another platform for later, change the post description text so you have minor variations between what you post on Facebook, for example, and what you post on LinkedIn. To schedule multiple posts from the same screen, click on the “Create & publish multiple posts to additional social media accounts” button from the Post Creation Screen.

Once other accounts are added, you will see their icons on the left side of the page. You can either scroll down to edit each of them, or simply click on the icon.

In case you changed your mind and don’t want to schedule your post to one of the selected accounts anymore, just click on "Discard post" button and the post for that particular social media account will disappear from the list (it will not remove other social media pages from the list).

Go to your dashboard to schedule your amazing videos now :)

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