Skip a few steps and upload your video directly from Promo to Instagram

When it comes to uploading your video to Instagram, we made it as easy as possible. We simply eliminated extra steps. We don't want you to lose momentum in your marketing process. Furthermore, we want you to create, upload, and set your video ad live as quickly as possible. So in this article, we teach you how to use our Upload to Instagram feature.

First, go to your "Published Videos" on the "My Workspace" tab. Find your video, click "Republish" to open the Publish Page.

After the Publish Page opens as shown in the image below, click on the “Schedule or publish a social post” button from the right side.

If you do not have any social media pages connected to your Promo account, you will be redirected to the page where you can choose the channel you want to post the video on. You need to click on “Connect" next to the Instagram icon.

It will then ask you to log in to your Facebook account your IG business page is connected to and confirm the account you want to connect to or login to another one:

Choose IG Business account(s) you want to connect to and click on “Next” button:

You can also choose Facebook pages you want to use. If you do not need Facebook pages at this stage, you can unstick the checkmarks next to those pages and hit “Next”:

Now you can set up permissions for Promo to access your Instagram Business account and Facebook pages:

When you set up all permissions, click on “Done”, and your Instagram Business account is connected now :)

Next, you will be redirected back to Publish page on your Promo account, where you need to choose the Business page you want to post the video on, and click on “Select”:

You will be redirected to the final publish page, where you will be able to post the video on Instagram. You can write a caption for your video and when it is ready, just click on “Publish Post” button:

Note: If you need to post the video on multiple resources, you can click on the Tab above the video, and then connect or choose the additional resource page you want to post the video on:

Click again on “Publish Post” button and watch the magic:

After you click on “Publish Post” button, Instagram will process your video and automatically post it when it's ready.

You are amazing! Feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 team on the website, if you have any questions or feedback.

Go to your dashboard to share your video on Instagram now.

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