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Posting a video to LinkedIn
Posting a video to LinkedIn

Skip a step and upload your video directly from Promo to LinkedIn.

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To post your video to LinkedIn, you can download your video and post it to your LinkedIn account as an MP4 file. However, as we don't want you to lose even a minute in your marketing process, we are introducing a new feature that will help you to skip the whole step and post/schedule your video directly to your LinkedIn profile and/or company page.

I bet you can't wait to try it, so let’s do this now :)

1. Please go to your Published videos tab.

2. Click on “Republish” under the video you would like to use and you will be redirected to Publish page.

3. Select a Widescreen aspect ratio of the video (it is better to use widescreen videos for posts on LinkedIn).

4. On the Publish page, you will need to click on the “Schedule or publish a social post” button on the right side.

5. If you do not have any social media pages connected to your Promo account, you will be redirected to the Account Manager page where you can choose the channel you want to post your video to. You need to click on “LinkedIn” option.

Note: in case you already have any other social media channels connected to your Promo account, you need to click on the icon of the social media account you want to connect to your Promo account on the upper right side of the page

In the Account Manager you can add new channels and Disconnect already existing ones (once social media page is added, it will be saved in your account)

6. Now, you need to log in to your LinkedIn account and allow Promo to sync with your LinkedIn account (It gives you the ability to post directly. If you do not want to share your details - you can download the video and post it manually. Promo does not post any content on your page, apart from the videos you decide to share).

7. Then you will be redirected back to the Account Manager, where you need to choose your LinkedIn profile and/or your LinkedIn page. You can select them both :) Then click on Select.

8. Once your social media account is connected, you will be redirected to our post publishing page where you can add a description to your post. You can also see a preview of the video and how it will look like on LinkedIn.

Note: You can post one video to several accounts at a time. To do this, you need to click on “Create & publish multiple posts to additional social media accounts” button above the screen.

Once other accounts are added, you will see their icons on the left side of the page. You can either scroll down to edit each of them, or simply click on the icon.

In case you changed your mind and don’t want to schedule your post to one of the selected accounts anymore, just click on "Delete post" button and the post for that particular social media account will disappear from the list (it will not remove other social media pages from the list).

9. Now choose whether you want to publish your post now or schedule it for later, and click on Publish.

10. You will be redirected to the confirmation screen. If your post is ready you can click on “Publish Post” or click on “Back to Edit” if you want to change anything there

After you click publish, LinkedIn will process your video and automatically post it when it's ready.

You are amazing! Feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 team on the website, if you have any questions or feedback.

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