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PromoAI: How to generate AI videos
PromoAI: How to generate AI videos

You can generate up to 30 personalized, on-brand videos in a few minutes using PromoAI

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1 Visit

To generate videos for the first time, go to

2 Type in your website address

Once you have entered your website address, click the 'Generate videos' button.

PromoAI then fetches information from your website as a basis for generating personalized, on-brand videos.

If you do not have a business website, you can continue by clicking 'I have a business without a website.'

3 Review your business information

Look over your business name, description, logo, and brand colors. Make any necessary changes or enhancements. To get the best AI videos, make sure to invest in a comprehensive and accurate 'Business description.' Include relevant information like your business' unique value offering, core message, your target audience, and the location of your business if relevant.

Once you are ready, press the 'generate' button, and PromoAI will populate your calendar with 30 videos personalized to your brand!

4 Register or login

If you are not yet registered or logged in, you will be asked to do so in order to view your AI videos. No credit card is required in order to view your videos.

5 Wait a few minutes

PromoAI is not generating your videos. This involves learning your business and market, conceiving of the optimal marketing strategy, brainstorming creative & original ideas for your business, crafting convincing captions and messaging for each video, searching through 275M+ media assets to find the ideal footage and images, identifying the best audio track for your videos, applying styling and animations that will compel your viewers, and more. Your 30 personalized marketing videos will be ready soon.

While you wait, you can learn about more powerful options - editing & tweaking your videos, downloading, publishing to social media, sharing and more.

6 Check our your AI videos

Once your 30 AI videos are ready, you will be taken to your 'planner'. You can watch a quick explanatory video to learn about your options now: editing, publishing, sharing for review, downloading and more.

You will see thumbnails of your ready videos, one per day for the upcoming 30 days. To preview a video that looks appealing, click on it and it will open and play in a preview view.

7 Preview an AI video

Click on a video thumbnail to preview it. Use the arrows to go forward and backward to the next or previous days videos. On the right side, you will see text you can use if you want to post your video to social media directly from

8 Tweak your AI video, if you want

Edit your AI videos to change the captions, music, footage, logo, and more - exactly as you want it.

Editing options:

9 Use your AI video

In order to download, publish, or schedule your AI video, you will need to subscribe to one of our plans.

Publishing options:

  • Schedule your AI video to social media by clicking 'schedule' and connecting an social media account

If this entire 'batch' of AI videos is not what you wanted, you can generate new AI videos, based on your plan.

Use your power wisely, you AI-charged marketing superhero ;)

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