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PromoAI: Edit using Classic Video Editor
PromoAI: Edit using Classic Video Editor

You can edit your AI videos via our Classic online video editor

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Note: using the classic online video editor is currently available on Desktop only, not mobile.

1 Go to your Planner page to find your AI suggested videos

Make sure to login.

2 Select the suggested PromoAI video that you would like to edit

Click on the thumbnail to select the video

3 Click on the 3 dots above the 'Download' button for more options

You will find additional options in the pop-up that opens.

4 Select 'Edit video'

You will be redirected to the online classic editor

5 Edit your video any way you like

You can change clips, music, captions, animations, colors and more.

When you're happy, click 'Save and Preview' on the bottom left.

Note: once you edit and save a video with the online classic editor, you will no longer be able to use the conversational chat-based editor for that video

6 Use your newly edited video

You will be redirected back to the preview screen, and can then download your video or publish it on social media.

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