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PromoAI: How to update the music on your AI videos
PromoAI: How to update the music on your AI videos

Don't love the music soundtrack on your AI video? You can change it easily

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You can use our chat-based-editor to change the music of your AI suggested videos from thousands of music tracks. This guide will show you how.

1 Go to your planner and select the AI Suggested video whose music you would like to change

In the example below, I see my planner page and click an AI suggested video. This opens up a preview of my AI Suggested video.

2 Click 'Chat to Edit'

On the bottom right of your AI Suggested video preview, click on 'Chat to Edit'.

This will open up the conversational chat-based-editor.

3 Type 'Change the music to be more...' and click on the 'send' icon

In this example I typed 'change the music to be more upbeat'.

4 Your AI video music will be changed to your target language.

Click 'Save' to save the changes, or 'Discard' to cancel the changes.

Now it's easy to find awesome music and use it for your marketing videos, quickly & easilyt!

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