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PromoAI: Edit your AI videos
PromoAI: Edit your AI videos

You can edit your AI videos just by typing using our conversational interface, or visually using our classic online video editor

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You can edit and tweak your AI videos in many ways, but this article highlights the convenient AI Creative Copilot chat-based-editor.

What is the Chat-Based-Editor?

This advanced feature enables you to tweak and change your AI video through a convenient chat interface. You can change footage, music soundtrack, captions, logo and watermark, colors and even upload your own content into your AI video.

1 Find your AI video

To edit your AI videos, go to the Planner / My Calendar, and select the AI video you would like to edit. You will see a preview of your AI video.

Note: the chat-based-editor is not currently available for videos you have downloaded, scheduled, or already edited in the classic editor.

2 Open the Chat-based-editor

Click on the 'Chat to Edit' button to open up the chat-based editor. The right panel will open up and you can begin to edit via chat!

Our AI editor will suggest options of how you can edit your AI video via chat:

Use this chat to improve your video.πŸŽ₯ Currently you can:

  • Change video music: find new tracks based on mood, tempo, genre, and instruments. 🎡

  • Enhance captions: rewrite, shorten, style, color, position, translate, fix grammar, change fonts or replace sentences. ✍️

  • Replace clips: replace any clip by selecting footage from our vast library of 275M videos and images 🎬

  • Upload your content: upload your videos and photos to use them in videos ⬆️

  • Change your logo: replace your current logo with one of your other logos, or use your default one.

3 Start to edit by typing what you want

To start editing your video, click in the bottom right input bar where it says 'Type to edit video'. Then write what you would like to change in your video.

You can edit your AI videos to change the captions, music, footage, logo, and more - exactly as you want it.

Or even to Regenerate your AI video completely for that day

If PromoAI can handle your editing request, you will be get a chat response that your video is being regenerated. In the example below, I've requested to change video clips. So PromoAI chat-based-editor opened up library of video clips that I can choose from.

I've selected a clip that I want to be used in my video, and PromoAI chat-based-editor has shared that my video has been updated. I see my updated video start to play.

4 Save if you like it, Discard if you don't

You can continue to edit your AI video and make more changes.

If you are unhappy with your edits, simply click 'Discard' on the top right of the screen. This will undo any changes to your AI video.

If you love your edits, click 'Save' and your AI video will be updated with your changes.

5 Edit manually through our classic online editor

If you would like to edit manually where you can drag animations, change captions, replace footage and more, here is how you do it.

Click on the three dots on the right panel. You will get many publishing and editing options. Click 'Edit video' and you will be taken to the classic editor where you can edit. Click 'Save & preview' to save your changes.

6 Use your AI video - download, publish or schedule to social media

In order to download, publish, or schedule your AI video, you will need to subscribe to one of our plans.

Publishing options:

If this entire 'batch' of AI videos is not what you wanted, you can generate a new batch.

Use your power wisely, you AI-charged marketing superhero ;)

Now go create and tweak your masterpiece :)

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