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How to use PromoAI
How to use PromoAI

Use PromoAI to generate videos and social media posts - publish every single day

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In this article you will get a step-by-step walkthrough about how to use the Promo AI tool. For a broader explanation about PromoAI, check out this article first.

With PromoAI, get up to 30-days worth of video posts personalized for your business. You can try out generating video posts even without a plan. To download & publish your PromoAI videos, you will need a Standard or Pro plan. With a Standard plan, you are allowed to use 30 PromoAI videos per month. With a Pro plan, you can use 300 PromoAI videos per month.

Step 1 | Go to the PromoAI video creator

Follow this link to have PromoAI generate a batch of videos.

Step 2 | Enter URL or topic and select amount of AI videos to generate

A window will appear asking for your website URL or topic. To generate personalized videos & posts, we rely on the information provided in your website, including business name or topic, description, creator name, logo, watermark and brand colors.

First, you need to type in your website URL or a topic:

And then select dates and amount of AI videos to generate. To do this, please click on either "Videos" or "Starting" at the bottom of this pop up screen:

On the new pop-up screen that will appear, you can select:

  • amount of videos (add or deduct them)

  • the period of time AI videos can be generated for

  • Daily option to create videos each day for selected period of time

  • Custom option and choose specific dates to generate AI videos on (1 selected day equals 1 video)

and click Apply to apply changes:

The click on "Generate" button:

If you do not have a website or topic, or would like to continue without one, click on 'I have a business without a website' link.

Step 4 | Add/edit description and click 'Generate video posts'

You will be taken to a screen to verify your information. Please make sure to provide full, accurate information in order to get great videos & posts that reflect your business or topic. The more accurate and comprehensive business description you provide, the better video results you will get.

Here you can also add or edit Business Name or topic, Business Description, Logo, Watermark and Color.

Moreover, if you already created your Brand, you can select your brand directly from there :)

Once you're ready, click 'Generate.' Basic plan users get 60 AI video generations per month. Standard plan users get 30 AI video downloads per month. And Pro plan users get 300 AI video downloads per month.

Note. Previously generated AI videos will not be replaced by new AI videos.

New AI videos will appear in Planner below previous video generations:

Step 5 | Take a break, drink a coffee

You will be taken to a countdown with useful PromoAI tips while AI video posts are being generated. That's a month a minute of videos, music, captions & social posts! Faster than the time it takes most people to drink a cup of coffee.

If some AI video posts are ready early, you will be taken to your planner page.

Step 6 | View your AI video posts, select one to preview

In the planner page, AI video posts will appear for each day you selected at the beginning.

Click on one to preview it.

If you need more information about the video before previewing it, simply click on the little โ“˜ button

Step 7 | Watch your video and take an action

With an AI video post preview open, you can experience a personalized video made just for your business. The video & post is even ready for the particular day of the calendar year. There's a suitable music track for each video, too!

Your personalized video should start playing automatically.

On this same page, you can change the ratio without any hassle :) To do this, simply click on ratio you need, and in a less than a minute, the video will appear in selected ratio:

Step 8 | Decide what to do with it

Now that you have experienced a post, you can decide what to do with it. If you don't like it, there are loads more to choose from. Just click X to leave the Preview and find a different video. You can also regenerate this particular video post, by clicking a "Regenerate" button or on 3 dots in the bottom right corner and then selecting "Regenerate" option.

Alternatively, you can use our chat-based AI editing tools, that will help you edit your video according to your request via chat. If you would like to try it, simply click on "Chat to edit" button, and you will be redirected to our magic chat-based editor tool ๐Ÿคฉ.

With this tool, you can change captions, music tracks, logos and even footage. To make changes, simply type in what exactly would you like to change in your video and click on the send button.

Once the video has been modified according to your request, you can preview it. If you like it, click "Save" in the upper right corner and all changes will be saved. If you don't like it, click 'Discard' and none of the changes will be saved.

You can also use Chat Editing tool to replace existing footage with Uploaded ones :)

Once the page with Uploaded content appears, you can either select from existing uploaded content or Upload a new one :)

If you do want to take an action with your video post, you have a few options. Click on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner to:

  • 'Download video' - download it directly to your computer

  • 'Edit video' - tweak the video

  • 'Export Image/GIF' - download it as an image or as a GIF

  • 'Edit post' - make changes to the text of the post

  • 'Share link' - share preview link to your AI video post

  • 'Delete post' - delete the video and post

  • 'Schedule or publish a social post' - publish it to social media on the target date

Note: If you wish to edit your video with Basic plan, no Premium clips will be deducted, as it will be saved to your Drafts Tab. Though, if wish to publish your AI suggested videos from Drafts Tab to Published Tab, you need to upgrade to Standard or Pro plan.

If you wish to schedule/publish/edit your post or upload/embed/download your video, you need to have either Standard or Pro plan, as by completing these actions, your video will be saved to your Published tab.

Step 8a | Schedule your AI video post

Schedule or publish a social post - you'll be taken to the publisher page where you'll be asked to connect & select a social media account to publish to.

Once you connect an account, you will see the social video post along with a preview.

There you can select Publish immediately, or to Schedule on a particular time and day. If you are unsure, you can save your post as a draft, and decide later.

Click 'Publish' to continue on the Post Review screen.

Please check this article with detailed information on how to schedule your posts to social media pages :)

Step 8b | Download your AI video

Download video - if you click on "Download" button Full HD video video will be downloaded to your computer without redirecting you to the Publish Page :) To download an AI-suggested video, you need a Standard or Pro Plan.

Step 8c | Export video as an Image or GIF

Export Image/GIF - you'll be taken to a Publish page where you can either download your video as an MP4 file or export it as an Image or a GIF:

Step 8d | Edit your AI video post

Edit post - you'll be taken to the publisher where you can change the text of the post, add or remove hashtags or emojis. To do so, you'll have to connect & select a social media account.

Once you connect an account, you will see the social video post along with a preview. There you can select Publish immediately, or to Schedule on a particular time and day. If you are unsure, you can save your post as a draft, and decide later.

Click 'Publish' to continue on the Post Review screen.

Step 8e | Edit your AI video

Edit video - you'll be taken to's online video editor.

In the Editor, you can change the captions, footage, text, music, fonts, colors or logo as you wish.

After that, click on 'Save & Preview' to be returned to the planner page with your edited AI video.

Note: if you edit the video and save it, it will appear in your Drafts Tab. If you decide to generate more AI videos later, the video you edited and saved will continue to be available in the Drafts Tab, as well as in your Planner.

Step 8f | Share preview link to your AI video

Share link - a pop-up window will appear where you can copy the link to your AI video post

You can send this link to anyone, even if they don't have a Promo account. This is how your AI video post will look like via preview link:

Note: if you have Pro plan and would like to share whitelabeled link, you need to do that via Published Tab only.

Step 8g | Delete your AI video post

Delete post - clicking on "Delete post" button will delete the video and post.

Note: once the AI video post is deleted from Planner, it cannot be recovered. Though, if the video was previously saved to Drafts/Published Tab, the video will still be available in Drafts/Published Tab, but post description will be deleted.

Step 9 | Review your AI video post before publishing or scheduling it

Once you have continued to the Post Preview screen, you can review the posts you want to send, as well as the social media accounts they will be published on.

Click 'Continue' in the top right in order to have your AI video post automatically shared on your social media on the target date and time selected.

Now you have the power of end-to-end social video marketing in your hands :)

Click here to start generating videos with PromoAI.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] or chat.

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