Once you create your wonderful video, you can download it as MP4 file on your computer and then post it anywhere online on the web

In order to download your purchased video you need to:

  1. Go to "My Videos". It is in the right upper corner of the page. 

2. You will be redirected to your "Drafts" tab automatically. To reach your already purchased videos, please click on "Published" Tab.

3. Once you are in Published Tab, under each video you can see "Republish" button. Please click "REPUBLISH" on the video you want to download as an .mp4 file.

4. Now you are on Publish page where you can download your video by choosing any of the following options which you can find below the video: "Download HD", "Download Full HD", "Facebook Cover" or all of them.


  • FB cover will loop your video so that its length is sure to be over 20 seconds, to meet Facebook's requirements for cover videos. You can also check article here about how to upload your video on FB as FB cover

5.  Well done! You've just downloaded your video as an .mp4 file on your computer. Feel free to post it anywhere online on the web =)

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