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Why can’t I see all my Facebook Pages on Promo’s Publish Tool?
Why can’t I see all my Facebook Pages on Promo’s Publish Tool?

Find out how to connect all Facebook pages to your Promo account.

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While trying to post the video to your Facebook account, you may notice that not all your Facebook pages appearing in the list. The reason you don’t see all your Facebook pages is due to Privacy Settings on your Facebook account.

In order to resolve it, please take the following steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook account, click on your photo from the right upper side of the page and click on "Settings & Privacy" option.

2. Select "Settings" option:

3. It will redirect you to a Settings page, where you need to click on "Business Integrations" option:

4. On Business Integrations page, under Active tab, from the right side of Promo integration, click on "View and Edit" link:

5. A pop-up message will appear where you need to scroll a bit down and check all boxes from the right side of your Facebook pages you want to post your video to, and then click on Save:

6. Please go to your Promo account, remove your FB account from Promo on your Publish page, as on the screenshot:

7. Wonderful! Now, you can connect your FB account, and enjoy the process of publishing the video to your Facebook pages :)

Please check this article as well, about how to post your video to Facebook.

If you have any issues, just reach out to our 24/7 in app customer support team :)

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