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Posting a video to X (Twitter)
Posting a video to X (Twitter)
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Posting your video to Twitter is super easy!

You can do it directly from Promo.

  1. Please go to your Published tab.

  2. Click on “Republish” under the video you would like to use and you will be redirected to Publish page.

3. Select Square aspect ratio of the video (it is better to use square videos to post on Twitter).

4. On Publish page, you need to click on the “Schedule or publish a social post” button from the right side.

5. If you do not have any social media pages connected to your Promo account, you will be redirected to the Account Manager page where you can choose the channel you want to post your video to. You need to click on “Twitter” option.

Note: in case you already have any other social media channels connected to your Promo account, you need to click on the icon of the social media account you want to connect to your Promo account on the upper right side of the page

In the Account Manager you can add new channels and Disconnect already existing ones (once social media page is added, it will be saved in your account)

6. If you are already logged in to your Twitter account in your browser, click "Authorize app" button.

Note: In case you need to post your video to another Twitter account, you can Sign out from your Twitter and login to the correct account on the same page.

6. You can add a Tweet to your post and preview how it will look like once it is published.

7. Then choose whether you want to publish your post now or schedule it for later, and click on Publish.

8. You will be redirected to the confirmation screen, if your post is ready you can click on “Continue” or click on “Back” if you want to change anything there

After you click publish, Twitter will process your video and automatically post it when it's ready.

You are amazing! Feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 team on the website, if you have any questions or feedback.

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