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How to upload a video to Instagram from your computer
How to upload a video to Instagram from your computer

Learn how to easily upload to Instagram from your PC with this guide.

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Great news! Instagram recently allowed desktop uploads, which means you can upload your awesome videos from your PC. This simple guide will walk you through all the steps for doing so in minutes.

Step One:

Download your great, new video to your desktop computer. (here’s a detailed guide on how to do it)

Step Two: Go to, log in to your account and click on the Create New Post button:

Step Three:

Click on the Select From Computer button, and choose the video file you’ve just downloaded to your desktop.

Step Four:

Select the aspect ratio by clicking the icon on the left. In case you want to add more media to your post (images or videos) - click the button on the right.

Click Next.

Step Five:

Choose a Cover Image for your video, that’s the thumbnail users will see before opening the full video. You can select it from a part of the video, or upload it from your PC, as a separate image.

Step Six:

Add some text to your post, tag relevant users, add hashtags, location and check some advanced settings (such as auto-captioning for videos, and disabling comments). When you’re ready - click on Share to post the video to your feed.

Step Seven:

All done!

Your video is posted, get ready for user engagement, and make sure to check out some useful blog articles on Social Media strategies.

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