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In this article, we show you how to use tags in your search to find the videos you want.

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With over 100,000,000 videos in our catalog, narrowing down your results is a great way to find the footage you need.

In Promo, you can easily include tags as part of your search.
Let's say you are looking to create a Promo video for a yoga class and want to use footage that has movement in slow motion in the clip.

Just type yoga slow motion pan and your results will only show videos matching these tags.

There are many tags you can use, check out the cheat list below.

Tag cheat sheet

Image technique
Real time, time-lapse, slow motion, color, black and white, animation, selective focus 

Just type the country or city name

Number of people
No people, one person, two people, group of people 

Newborn, baby, child, teenager, young adult, adults only, mature adult, senior adult

Medium shot, wide shot, close-up, looking at camera, candid, part of a series 

View point
Lock down, panning, tracking shot, aerial view, high angle view, tilt, point of view 

Happy searching (-:

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