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How to Change the Video Thumbnail on Social Media Pages
How to Change the Video Thumbnail on Social Media Pages

Learn how to adjust your video thumbnail on different social medias

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In this article, we will show you how to adjust thumbnail on video you upload to your social media pages. 


Once your video is posted to your Facebook business page, press on 3 dots on your post with video and select "Edit post".

On the pop-up window that will appear, click on "Video Options" button:

On the next page you need to choose "Change Thumbnail" option. Facebook offers 4 different ways to adjust thumbnail:

  1. Choose suggested generates 10 various frames you can choose and apply to your video;

  2. Upload Image option allows uploading any still image you want to use as a thumbnail;

  3. Choose from video offers to select video frame you want to use for the thumbnail manually.

  4. Test different thumbnails allows you to choose up to 4 different thumbnails to test them out. It offers you to choose from the suggested thumbnails or upload your own images for testing. Your test will run for 30 minutes and measure reactions. The post with the most reactions will be considered the winner, and it will be distributed to future audiences.

Once the option is selected, press "Save" to save changes and apply thumbnail.

Note! Facebook might not save video if your thumbnail includes too much text. To prevent this make sure you select thumbnail, which does not contain any text on it.


NOTE: The option to add a thumbnail to the video on Instagram is available only if you upload it manually to your account.

During posting process, Instagram allows adjusting your thumbnail easily. Once your video is uploaded, in the pop-up window that will appear you can crop your video or choose the part of it that will appear on the screen. Then click on Next:

On the next page you will see "Cover photo" option in upper right corner of screen. Here you can choose suggested image or upload your own.

To choose thumbnail you need to drag rectangle throughout the timeline:

On this same page you can also trim your video and mute/unmute it.

Then press Next in top right corner to continue posting your video.


After uploading your video to YouTube, you will be able to adjust thumbnail on it using YouTube Studio. Select "Content" on the left, hover over the video you want to edit and press "Details" button:

On the next page you will be able to select an automatically generated frame or upload a still image as your thumbnail. Once you finished your editing, press Save to save changes.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via email [email protected] or via chat :)

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