To take advantage our INSTAGRAM integration it works for only IG Business Accounts:

How to create an Instagram Business Account if you currently do not have one?

In order to create an Instagram Business Account, you need to first connect any of your Facebook Pages with your Instagram Account. Here a step-by-step guide of how to do it.

  1. Go to your Facebook and select any of your pages. If you don’t have a page, here is an instruction of how to create one. 

2. Go to settings of your page (top right area)

3. Once you are in page settings, look for “Instagram” on the list on the left and click it

4. Click “Connect Account” button

5. You will be asked to log in to Instagram with the account you want to connect to Promo with.

6. Follow the explanation pop ups and next you will be asked to provide an email address, phone number and street address. In order to create the Instagram Business Account you may provide only the email address.

7. Once you click “Done” you are all set! Your Instagram settings page should look similar to this:

You have now converted your Instagram Personal Account to a Business Account. To post your videos on Instagram, publish one of your videos and in the Promo Publish Page connect your account.

Our 24/7 in app team is here and happy to help :)

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