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Monthly and annual plans. The principle of renewals.
Monthly and annual plans. The principle of renewals.

Find out how our pricing plans work.

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Promo is a subscription-based service, which means when you choose a plan, it will automatically renew in a certain period of time. 

The monthly plans you can see on our pricing page auto-renew every 30 days since the day you subscribe. Every renewal leads to a monthly charge and granting you a specific number of credits. 

The annual plans auto-renew every 12 months since the day you subscribe. When you subscribe for an annual plan, you pay upfront for a whole year with a special 20%-30% discount and receive all your credits at once.

You can control your subscription (upgrade/downgrade/pause/cancel) on the billing page of your account.

All actions, except the upgrade, come into force at the end of your billing cycle, e.g. if you set to downgrade your annual plan, it will be downgraded at the beginning of your second year. 

All upgrades, both for monthly and annual plans, are immediate. 

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