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My plan failed to renew, what should I do?
My plan failed to renew, what should I do?

Follow this guide to learn the reasons for failed payments and how to resolve them.

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There are a few reasons why we the payment could fail.

Your card expired

If your card’s expiration date passed before your subscription renewal date, the payment will fail. To fix this and submit the payment, update your billing credit card. Ensure the information is accurate. Updating your card prompts another payment attempt. If your card is valid, this payment will be approved.

Your bank account has insufficient funds

If you’re using a debit card to pay for Promo, and your account balance was too low at the time of your renewal, the payment will fail. We'll keep trying over the next several days, so you can fix the issue by adding funds to the account as soon as you can.

Your bank prevented the charge for another reason

Other issues can occur with cards on file, even if you’ve used them to pay for subscriptions before. If your card hasn’t expired and your account has sufficient funds, contact your bank and ask for more information about the failed Promo charges. 

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