Choosing a background on your Outro

Choosing the background for your last caption can have a big impact on your video.

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By default Promo creates a subtle overlay color that will compliment your text and logo as part of the natural flow of the video.

Here are some other options to customize the background:

Transparent overlays: Like we said earlier, Promo videos automatically create a transparent overlay that you can customize. You can select any color and adjust the level of transparency. 

Transparency can be adjusted right here: 

Use a background image

Using your own image can be ideal if you are promoting a product or have brand assets you use across all media. When you upload your image, use 1280x720px image size for wide aspect ratio, 720x720px for square one and 720x1280 for vertical videos. 

In order to delete uploaded background image on the Outro, click right here:

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