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Picture Image Transitions and Animations
Picture Image Transitions and Animations

Make an impact on your videos using images to add another dimension to your content!

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We have lots of awesome ways to add a professional touch to your image by applying transitions and animations. Using picture images are a great way to showcase a property, product, or just about anything else that you want to promote within the video content.
In order to access the image editing menu, hit Edit Photo:

After this, you will be able to zoom in/out your image and reposition it (just click and drag anywhere on the image):

Your image already has a random transition and animation added when uploaded, so you can change it by clicking Transitions/Animations and clicking on an option of your taste (you may as well remove the transition/animation).

You can select a transition or animation of your taste by selecting one of the effect boxes:

In order to remove image effects, click here:

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