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How you can create a multi-clip video
How you can create a multi-clip video

Create awesome videos combining multiple video clips together to tell your story, reach your customers, and promote your brand!

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You can create videos combining multiple clips from our 100 million video library.

You can add as many photo/video clips in your video as you wish! The video itself can be up to 5 minutes.

Please note, that Standard and Pro plans offer unlimited free and premium clips :) Basic plans offer unlimited free clips and 3 premium clips/month (36/per year).

Follow these simple steps to create your multiclip video:

  1. Choose any video and start customizing it. 

2. To add a clip, click on the little white and pink + shown on the bottom within the trimmer section. Select “Add video”.

3. Choose the clip you’d like to add. You can search for a video, upload it from your computer or add from your “Favorites” folder.

4. Click on “Add” on the thumbnail of the clip you chose.

5.  You will see that your selected clip is added to the timeline. Add more if needed.
Feel free to adjust the video length, add more captions, and click “Preview” to save your draft.

That’s it :) if you have any questions, our 24/7 in support team is here to help. 

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