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How To Upload and Edit Your Logo
How To Upload and Edit Your Logo
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You can customize your awesome video by adding your company's or personal logo to the Outro slide of the video. Your logo can be uploaded in JPEG or PNG formats, bigger than 85x85 px and has to be under 2 MB in size.

Please note, that in order for your logo to have transparent background, you have to upload a PNG file with such background, to make sure it can be activated inside the editor.

Here is more info about how to accomplish that :)

  1. Once inside the editor, select Outro slide and hit Upload Logo button.

In case you have a collection logo already present in your video (looks like your logo here on a screenshot below), select it, then hit on a small cloud button in the upper toolbar - it will appear once you select the picture. Now you can choose a logo from your desktop.

How to edit your logo?

In case your uploaded logo has a transparent background, you can activate it - simply click on your freshly uploaded logo and then on the little crossed square in the upper toolbar. 

Please note, that your logo needs to be uploaded as .png file that has no background for it to work.

How about changing the background color of your logo? You can select any color of your taste after selecting the logo just right here:

You can play around with the shape of your logo with our square and round shape option.

You can zoom in and out as well.

In case you want to delete your logo - select it and hit a trash bin icon.

Let our in-app 24/7 customer support team know, in case there are any questions :)

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