There are various reasons why an ad might be disapproved when you try to launch it on Facebook.

We first advise checking through Facebook Ads Policy and making sure there's no particular part of the policy that your ads might be in conflict with currently. Facebook has a detailed rundown of their policies in Help Center:

If you feel your ads aren't in conflict with any of the policies then you can appeal the decision:

In case your video includes housing elements, then most likely it seems like you might need to complete their certificate of compliance.

What to do? 

Go to Ads Manager and find your rejected ad. Select Edit to view the rejection reason. Next, select Certify Compliance and follow the certification steps.

In case you have successfully passed the certification, you can re upload your video and it will be approved by Facebook.

Here is a full video guide on how to complete certification:


Should you find your ad is rejected due to the amount of text in the image, we would encourage you to review Facebook’s guide on using text in videos. Previously, if 20% of an ad image's area was text, it wouldn't be approved to run on Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network.

Facebook reviews the thumbnail of the video to make sure it complies with Facebook text guidelines. So you can set a screen with the smallest amount of text as your thumbnail as an additional 

Another option is revision of text on the video and it can be done within Promo. 

Here is a quick video on How to Fix Typo on Published Video.

Our In App customer support team here is available 24/7 to further help out.

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