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How to merge two images into one file
How to merge two images into one file

Learn How To Make Create A Background Image with two logos

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If you need to merge two PNG files with a transparent background into one in order to upload as your Outro background image on Promo in one piece as a logo, please follow instructions below:

Firstly, you need an image editor to merge your files. You can use free software for that purpose. Follow the link, go to Download section there and pick your operating system. - for Mac 

Then, install the software on your PC/Mac and launch it.

  1. You need to click on File > Open (Ctrl/⌘+O) and pick your first PNG image/logo

  2. After that, it’s File > Import (Ctrl/⌘+I) to paste your second PNG file

  3. Once it’s done, you can rearrange positioning of your images, scale them to make one/both smaller or bigger relative to each other by dragging the pointers.

  4. When you are ready to save your file, click on Select all objects/nodes icon in the top left corner (Ctrl/⌘+A) 

  5. Then File > Export PNG image (Shift+Ctrl/⌘+E)

  6. In the window that appeared, you can adjust image resolution, save location etc.

  7. Click Export to save the actual file on your PC. If both of your original PNG files had a transparent background, it will remain so on your new, merged image. Now you can grab the file and Upload as Logo on Outro slide in Promo editor.

Our in-app customer support team is available 24/7 to further help with adding your background image file.

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