Finding footage & Promo Templates

100 million clips can seem overwhelming, but we make it easier to navigate.

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Promo offers you free access to over 100 million premium video clips. We have a clip for every emotion, industry, vibe, and more. It's all a matter of finding the best footage for your brand, message, and story. Here, we'll help you navigate the choices.ย 

You start the creation process by searching for the footage you need for your video. Our search screen immediately shows you popular videos based on a specific category. If you don't find anything there, you can use the "Search" tool to find the footage you want. You can search by category, making your search terms as specific (for example, nail polish) or as vague as you want (for example, beauty).ย 

You can also choose from one of our Promo Template. A Promo Template is a pre-made video clip template. It comes with pre-selected footage, music, and captions. All you have to do is add your tagline and logo to the final screen. These Template videos will show at the top. The search results will appear under the collection videos list as shown below.

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