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Can I edit a video after I download it?
Can I edit a video after I download it?

We all make little mistakes, here is how to fix them :)

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Sure, if you have a typo or need to fix a small mistake, or want to change the music track, you can open your video in the editor to revise it. You can also simply duplicate the video back to drafts to fully edit it. That would count as a new project.

To do this, please go to My Workspace page, click on "Published", find the "Edit" icon on the video and click on it (if you have multiple ratios, you will need to select the one you want to re-edit).

You can also find "Edit video" button in the video's Publish Page from the right side of the page:

Please note that if you have Basic plan, which offers limited amount of credits, and if you replace/add Premium clips on your Published video, credits will be deducted accordingly.

You can also click the Duplicate button:

This way - you will be able to change the content, music, and everything else in your video, but it would count as a new project.

Our in app customer support team is also here 24/7 to help with any questions.

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