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Subscription policies & ownership guidelines
Subscription policies & ownership guidelines

No contract subscriptions and lifetime ownership rights.

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Promo makes it easy for you to create, save, store, and purchase your own video ad. In this article, we go into detail about what that all means.

Videos are yours, period. 

When you publish (download) a video, it belongs to you forever. You can use it for as long as you want and need. 

You can resell your videos. 

You can absolutely assign or resell your rights to use the video ads to someone else (in which case your own rights to use the video ads expire, and the recipient obtains those rights).

Furthermore, you can change or cancel your monthly plan anytime.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your monthly plan at anytime.

Unused videos rollover as long as your subscription is active.

With any plan, you have a number of video credits you can use a month.
If you haven't used them all, no problem, they roll over to the next billing cycle, as long as you have an active subscription. 

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