We have 15 million premium clips, they come from such content providers as Getty Images and Shutterstock. You can use an unlimited number of free (non-premium) content on all plan types.

In order to find Premium and Unlimited clips, please, go to our library and type in keywords in the search tab. You will see "All Media" at the top right of the search. Click on it to see the drop down menu with Premium/Unlimited choice. 

Also please take a look at the screenshot below to see where to find it: 

Each one of our plan entitles you to a certain amount of premium clips per month/year, depending on the plan.

There is "video" - which can consist of any number of "clips". And it is premium "clips" that you are purchasing on the plans.
You are not limited in how many videos you make or download - but you can only have in your downloads as many premium clips as you purchased.

Say, on monthly Standard plan you get 8 premium clips.

You download a video that has 4 clips, of which 2 are premiums - you use 2 premium clips, 6 left out of 8 (which is your monthly premium clips allowance on Standard monthly plan).

As you can see on screenshot above, there are 4 clips total and 2 of them are premium. You can identify premium videos by Premium badge on them (highlighted in green).

You download a video that has 5 clips but none are premium - it just doesn't get counted at all. Therefore, there's no limit on how many videos you can download as long as you don't use the premium clips.

According to this screenshot, none of these 5 clips are premium, since they do not have Premium badge. All of them are free clips.

It works the same with other plans.
In case you decide to use your own uploaded footage, it does not count at all as well.

Sometimes you might notice that when you create new video, some video clips have price tags on them. What does it mean? That's the same as premium badge - system just recognizes when you are running out of available credits and displays the price of additional ones. 

Now your video is ready to be downloaded. You are wondering how many premium clips were used - this can be easily checked by pressing Download on video project you opened from your Drafts tab. Pop - up window will indicate how many premium clips are going to be deducted from your plan allowance.

Please, check the following article to learn more about reusing clips policy.

Our 24/7 support team is glad to help you out with any questions.

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