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PromoAI: Where can I see my AI Suggested videos?
PromoAI: Where can I see my AI Suggested videos?

In your Planner, make sure filter for AI Suggested videos is checked

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1 Head over to your Planner

2 Navigate to the date where your AI Suggested videos have been generated

Your AI videos appear on the dates you selected when you created them. The default is 'Today'.

Navigate to the dates you generated your AI videos by scrolling down.

Switch month by clicking on the arrows next to the month.

In the example below, I scrolled down and found 3 AI videos that I generated.

3 Don't see them? Check the filters

Click on 'Filters' and a pop-up will appear. If you want to see your AI suggested videos, make sure to check 'Suggested by AI', then click Apply. This will show AI suggested videos.

4 Click on an AI suggested video to open a preview of it

5 A Preview of your AI Suggested video will appear

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