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PromoAI: Topic videos
PromoAI: Topic videos

How to generate topic videos

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You can use PromoAI to generate videos about any topic you want!

Add your branding - logo, watermark and coloring - or don't.

1 From your planner page, click 'Generate AI videos'

2 Enter your topic of interest

Try "What to look for when selecting a real estate agent", "Gift ideas for cat-lovers", or any topic that you need a video for. Next click 'Generate'.

3 Add details and branding

Specify what kind of video(s) you would like about this topic. You can include information like target audience, tone, or any other emphases you would like to highlight.

You can choose to include a 'Creator name' to be used as a reference for who created the video, but this field is optional.

Add a logo, a watermark and colors that will be used in your videos, if you want. Or select a brand that exists.

4 Select the number and dates of your videos

At the bottom of the screen, chose how many videos you want about this topic, and when you want to see them. Click 'Apply' to save your choices.

5 Click 'Generate' to have PromoAI create your videos

At the bottom right of the screen, click on 'Generate' to have PromoAI start creating your topical videos. Video generation will begin and you will be taken to a countdown screen. After your videos are ready, you can preview them and then download, publish or schedule them.

If you see the pricing page, it means you have to upgrade in order to generate more PromoAI Videos.

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