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PromoAI: How to design the captions of your AI videos
PromoAI: How to design the captions of your AI videos

Select the style of the captions on your AI video- font, position and color

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While PromoAI generates videos for you effortlessly, you can still style captions the way you like, based on your vision.

1 Find your suggested AI video in your planner

Navigate to the day your suggested AI video appears, and click on the thumbnail to open it as a Preview.

2 Open the chat-based-editor

Click 'Chat to Edit' to open your suggested AI video and edit it via conversational interface.

3 Type to change fonts, colors, position of your captions

In the bottom right of the screen, type what changes you would like to see to your captions. You can try things like:

  • make the caption color green

  • make the font thin

  • place the caption on the right

4 Click save (or Discard)

You will receive a 'success' message, and your updated AI video preview will start playing immediately. If you like these changes and are satisfied with your video, click 'Save' on the top right to save changes. If you do not like these changes, click 'Discard' and you will retain your original AI suggested video.

5 Use your edited AI video

Once you have saved your changes, you can use your video: download it to your device, or publish it to social media directly from Promo.

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