Believe it or not, captions can make or break your short videos. More so than content problems, most people make simple technical mistakes when writing captions. In this article, we will teach you how to create and style your Promo video captions with a few technical Do's and Don'ts


Font size helps your audience see and understand your message in your video. It's probably the most important part of your video. It may seem easy to understand, however, with the almost endless options of footage as well as the fact that most people view video from their mobile devices, choosing the correct size for your captions makes all the difference between success and failure.

DON'T size your text/font too small or too big. Think Goldilocks. Text needs to be just the right size to have the right impact. In the video below, you'll see that the font size is definitely too small, for both desktop and mobile, throughout the entire video.

test your font size before you download. This is super important and super easy to do. On desktop, add your text and style it how you want, then hit the "Preview" button to see how the text will look. To test on mobile, send the share link to yourself via email, text message, or Whatsapp, click the link on your mobile devise, and view the text there. See how it looks and acts on all different screen sizes to make sure it looks and feels good. In the video below, you'll see that, after rounds of testing, the text is the perfect size for both desktop and mobile.

Number of Words

Promo videos can be created to be between 6 to 40 seconds(thanks to the short attention spans of audiences) which means you need to keep your messaging as short and simple as possible. Many people make the mistake of attempting to write a novel. It not only looks bad, but also, makes your message completely unreadable and, basically, useless.  Like anything else in life, the more simple it is, the more effective and understood it is.

DO keep your text length to a minimum number of words. We highly suggest no more than ten words per slide. This will make your captions as readable as possible. The video below will show you a great example of the perfect number of words for a Promo video.

forget to share the more detailed information and longer text in the body of the post on Facebook, the description box below YouTube and Vimeo video posts, the body of the Tweet, or the caption of an Instragram video. Those are the perfect places to write a more detailed and fuller text.

Note: If you would like to use the captions on only one or two of your slides, instead of just deleting the text, make sure to completely disable the caption for that specific slide. To do so, in the editor, go to the thumbnails of the slides at the bottom of the video when in customize mode. Find the slide you would like to be caption-free and hover your mouse over the slide. A small "x" will appear. Click the "x" and the system will remove that caption option and recalculate the length of time to better fit your video. 


Font is another important technical aspect of successful captions. Our text editor offers several styles of beautiful fonts--scripts, sarifs, san sarifs, heavy, light, playful, serious, and more. Keep in mind that not every front will work with every clip.

DO choose a font that stands out from the clip. Go for a font that's simple and easy on the eyes no matter what.

DON'T use too many different types of fonts for your captions. We give you three slides on which to write your messages. It's a small space and a short time. So don't overwhelm the reader with too many different font styles. 

DO choose a font that matches the theme of the video. For example, if you're using a video featuring children or animals, choose a more playful, fun font. The video below shows you a successful example of simple, well chosen font that compliments the theme.


Our text editor offers you several different choices of beautiful colors to help communicate your message. We also offer text background color options for your captions. Just like all other things in this article, it's important to choose readable, clear colors that compliment, not interfere, your video footage.

DO choose complimentary colors that stand out nicely against the backdrop of either the text background or the video clip.

DON'T use a color that interrupts the font or blends into the background of the clip.

DO use colors that fit into the theme of the video or also represent your brand. In the video below you'll see how we chose colors to go with a Christmas themed video.


Caption positioning is equally as important. You want your captions to appear in a place that's readable and logical. These aspects depend on the clip you choose. 

DO place your captions in pace where they are seen clearly and easily.

DON'T overlap your text on images if you have ample open space somewhere else. 

DO experiment and test the position of your text several times before downloading your video. 

Test on Mobile

If you take only one thing from this article, let it be the importance of testing your captions before you download. Test them on desktop and mobile devices of all sizes to make sure it's readable and that it looks good. To view your video on mobile, simply open the share link you send yourself on any mobile device. It will pop up and play exactly how mobile viewers will see it. 

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