Our new amazing Brand Manager option brings your video creation to the new level!
Whether you create videos for your own business on Standard plan or you are a video marketing agency on a Pro plan - it brings even more comfort and fun to the process!

Brand manager is a tool, that helps you create a company kit - add your own logo, watermark, brand colors, fonts as business info and lets you apply those settings to your videos in 1 click.

This article is actually a how-to on using this magic.

Let's start off with adding your first brand (it works the same way with your second, third brand and so on :)

Go to Brands, it is an option available in Drafts.

Click on Add Brand option.

First, give your brand a name. You will be able to set it as default one for your new drafts by marking "Yes, set Brand name as default". It applies for your future videos only and does not work retrospectively. 

Now you can choose what element you would like to add. If you do not want to add one of the available elements (logos, watermarks, fonts, brand colors or information about your business - just leave it empty).

Logo and watermark can be JPG, PNG or GIF images - max file size 2mb. Ideally, if you have JPG and JPEG versions of 1 image, it is best to add JPEG.
Please keep in mind, that animated GIF will stay static, once added.
You can add a few images per section and decide which one will be used as default.

You are also able to crop, delete or duplicate the image by clicking on 3 dots (they show up as you move your arrow on this image).

In order to add your brand colors, you need to either input color's HEX code or select it manually.
If you are unsure of the #HEX - you can use this service to find it.

Your business information has a limited amount of characters you can add per line, you will be able to see them on the right side of the line:

Once you are done making all adjustments - hit Done to save them.

If you do not want to use the brand as default further, you can remove "Set as default brand" on the Brand page.

Our 24/7 support team is always here to help you, we will love to hear your feedback!

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