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Trustpilot on your video Outro
Trustpilot on your video Outro

Learn how to end your video with a powerful customer review from Trustpilot to build customer trust and make an impact.

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(1) Select the Trustpilot Outro on the right-hand column under the available outros

(2) Locate your business website and select next to bring into the outro your reviews

(3) After you connect via Trustpilot, you can select the review that you would like to use in your outro and click "select"

(4) The outro including your selected Trustpilot review now displays including your TrustScore on the bottom from the 0-10 scoring system.

Please note, this feature will only work for paying accounts on Trustpilot with either Lite, Pro, Enterprise plan types.
Our 24/7 in app customer support team is here to help with any questions on how to best use your Trustpilot outro :)

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