We know that sometimes you need to take a break from video creation. This is why you can always pause your monthly plan for certain period of time. 

It is possible to pause your monthly plan for either 1 or 2 billing cycles. During pause you can create unlimited amount of video drafts. However when it comes to publishing, the website won’t allow to publish them, as you need an active subscription to publish your videos. 

Once pause ends, your plan will renew automatically. For example, if your plan renews each month on 15th day and you want to pause it for 2 billing cycles starting from March 15th, your next automatic renewal date will be May 15th. 

To pause your plan, let our in app 24/7 customer support team know or e-mail us directly to [email protected].

Decided to get back earlier? It is always possible to unpause your plan before next automatic renewal. Check this article to learn how easily you can unpause.

Note! Only monthly plans can be paused. There is no pause option on annual plan.

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