When we created Promo, we did a lot of research on pricing for videos, music, and all the licensing fees related to using ready-made content. We found that all these separate costs add up to a pretty large investment for businesses, brands, and people looking to create video ads. So, we created flexible pricing plans to make premium quality video ads accessible to everyone. In this article, we lay out our plans so you can find the one that works for you. 

We offer four different monthly or discounted annual plans, special non-profit discounts, Agency, and Enterprise plans. Purchasing videos with a Plus or Pro annual plan annual gives you the best value and bang for your buck lowering the per video cost to $17.25 with the annual Plus plan and $13.90 with the Pro annual plan.

All of our monthly plans are completely commitment-free. You can upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel at any time without penalty and no questions asked. Pausing your account can be done for up to 2 billing cycles and then you can return with no cost or effect to your account status. Our annual plans are on a one year cycle and provide all video credits up front along with a price discount.

Also, our in-app Customer Support is always there to answer any pricing questions you have or to help you build a custom plan for your needs. 

Head to our pricing page now to learn more. 

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