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How To Conquer Facebook Marketing With Only $10 A Day
How To Conquer Facebook Marketing With Only $10 A Day

Run professional ad campaigns on Facebook

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Let’s face it. Success from unpaid, organic marketing activity on Facebook just doesn't exist anymore
No matter what kind of content you post, how frequently you post it, or how many fans like your page, your organic efforts aren’t getting the results you want.

To massive, cross-market and industry dismay, Facebook organic reach continues to decline at a rapid and steady rate. This means that video, post, and page visibility for businesses continues to vanish as well. It’s not enough anymore to post your video on your page wall and watch the views, engagements, and clicks roll in daily. In fact, according to Facebook, pages organically reach about 2.26% of their fans on average.
This shows that, in order to get great results nowadays, you need to start investing money into your video ads. 

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