Do you feel puzzled when it comes to adjusting correct ratio for your video ad? If yes, not to worry! We have covered you up. Below you will find a list of recommended aspect ratios for the most popular social medias.

Looking to promote your business on Facebook? Square size is the best one to fit.

If Instagram feed is the first place for your video to utilize, square ratio is a must.

Planning to run your video as Instagram story? Remember, that story should be vertical.

In case Twitter is your favorite tool to promote, take square video. 

Whereas native video is quite new for LinkedIn, we recommend using landscape ratio to embed it perfectly.

Don’t forget that Promo videos come with license, which allows you to post them on your own website! Landscape video will definitely freshen up look of your webpage.

Note! Different ratios for the same video do not count as multiple downloads. Whenever another size of your published video is needed, simply write our Customer Support Team.

Before uploading video to any mentioned platform above make sure it meets video requirements. Check out next useful links to find out which specifications are needed:

Our in App Customer Support Team is here 24/7 to help with any questions!

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